DRONE CRASH?! Not This Time – Cobb Trail – On A Fat Bike – In 4K

DRONE CRASH?! Not This Time – Cobb Trail – On A Fat Bike – 4K -For this video we are back in the foothills ripping down Cobb trail. Last time we rode it the drone decided to crash into a tree. This time we have a different smarter drone that shouldn’t crash. Hopefully?! -Cobb trail […]

Drone Follows Mtn Biker Down Landslide Trail

Down Landslide Trail on a Fat Bike with a drone following We have featured this trial before but never like this before. Landslide trail is a winding trial located at Hidden Springs in Boise Idaho. In this video we get to show this unique perspective descending the trial using the Skydio 2 Autonomous Drone. Here […]


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Down Hard Guy Trail On A Fat Bike Video

Our Plans For Summer of 2022; Its Going to Be AWESOME! We have a lot of things planned for the summer of 2022.  – Recently we added a part to our website where you can shop listed product for either in store pick up or we can ship it to you. We are adding product […]

5 Tips for Mountain Biking in the Dark & Cold

5 Tips For Mtn Biking In The Cold & Dark Recently we have been riding early morning all throughout the winter season and we want to share our 5 tips to making it some of the best times of the year to ride. Most if not all of the products mentioned in this video can […]

A Drone Followed Us Mtn Biking at Wilson Creek

A Drone Followed Us Mtn Biking The Trails at Wilson Creek The trails at Wilson Creek is one of our favorite places to mountain bike in the treasure valley. In this video we had our new Skydio 2 Drone follow us down Bingo, Jacob’s Ladder, and China Ditch. We had a lot of fun. If […]

First Time Down Cobb Trail Full Trail Loop w/ Drone Crash

First Time Down Cobb Trail Full Trail Loop With DJI Drone Crash This was a very eventful first time on Cobb Trail. We took wrong turns, crashed my drone, it was super cold, and enjoyed some sweet downhill. This is the full video of the Highland Valley Trail to Cobb loop but if you want […]