5 Tips For Mtn Biking In The Cold & Dark

Recently we have been riding early morning all throughout the winter season and we want to share our 5 tips to making it some of the best times of the year to ride. Most if not all of the products mentioned in this video can be found in store at SCORE Outdoors or can be special ordered for you.

#1 Lights – I use the Lezyne 1000lum XL light. One on my helmet and another on my handle bars. https://ride.lezyne.com/collections/led-lights-performance/products/1-led-16-v204?variant=28150607413334

#2 Pogies/Handle Bar Covers – This is a must have for winter riding. Blocks out the cold air and forms a pocket of warmth for your hands. https://45nrth.com/products/draugenklaw

#3 Keeping your toes warm – You have two options to keeping your toes warm. First you can invent in winter specific riding boots. These tend to be warmer and more efficient but tend to be the more expensive option. Second you can invest in a pair of shoe covers to go over you preferred riding shoes. https://45nrth.com/products/wolvhammer-boa

#4 Cover you ears – Just like your hands and feet, If your ears are cold your not having fun. https://www.buffusa.com/buff-products/beanies/dryflx-beanie/r-black/118099.999

#5 Layers – This one will take some experimenting to find what works best for you.