DRONE CRASH?! Not This Time – Cobb Trail – On A Fat Bike – In 4K

DRONE CRASH?! Not This Time – Cobb Trail – On A Fat Bike – 4K -For this video we are back in the foothills ripping down Cobb trail. Last time we rode it the drone decided to crash into a tree. This time we have a different smarter drone that shouldn’t crash. Hopefully?! -Cobb trail […]

Drone Follows Mtn Biker Down Landslide Trail

Down Landslide Trail on a Fat Bike with a drone following We have featured this trial before but never like this before. Landslide trail is a winding trial located at Hidden Springs in Boise Idaho. In this video we get to show this unique perspective descending the trial using the Skydio 2 Autonomous Drone. Here […]


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Down Hard Guy Trail On A Fat Bike Video

Our Plans For Summer of 2022; Its Going to Be AWESOME! We have a lot of things planned for the summer of 2022.  – Recently we added a part to our website where you can shop listed product for either in store pick up or we can ship it to you. We are adding product […]

FAT BIKE on Freestone Ridge Trail in Boise Idaho

Freestone Ridge Trail Mtn Biking to Stack Rock Off Bogus Basin Road in 4K In this video we feature a trial loop starting in Camel’s Back, up to Sidewinder, over to and then down Freestone Ridge, and back over to Camel’s Back. I rode the FAT BIKE; testing the theory, Am I Faster on a […]