This is The Best MTB Trail in Boise - Dry Creek

If you ask me what the best trail in Boise is I will tell you that it’s Dry Creel Trail. It stems off of Bogus Basin Road. Here is a link to the trail head: At about 2.35 miles on the trail you will reach a fork in the trail. Left is Dry Creek and right is Shingle Creek. You will want to take a right and go up Shingle Creek to then come down Dry Creek once you get to the top. Dry Creek is so much fun to descend. You have section that are fast and flowy then there are sections of rocky terrain and a bunch of creek crossings with options to blaze through the water or test your skills by riding the skinny plank. The coolest part is that the majority of the trail is shaded by trees (pun indented). If you haven’t tried Dry Creek put it on your list of trail you have to ride. Here is a link to my Garmin tracking of this route: